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Sailingtrips Holland, part of Scheeps- arrangementen offers company sailing trips on board of traditional sailing ships for teambuilding, company-training, networking, or just for fun...

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Original location and inspiring setting…
Are you looking for a beautiful, original, unique and mostly inspiring setting for a company training, teambuilding, networking meeting, assembly, workshop, product presentation or a brainstorming session?

We have the disposal of the best hotel- and sailing ships in the Netherlands.

Contact us and ask for all the possibilities.


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Company trips, company trainings and teambuilding

Original location and inspiring setting
Are you looking for a beautiful, original, unique and mostly inspiring setting for a company training, teambuilding, networking meeting, assembly, workshop, product presentation or a brainstorming session?

Company trainings
Undertaking durably and socially responsible
Undertaking socially responsible, undertaking durably or undertaking socially are sorts of undertaking directed at economical performances, with respect towards the social side within ecological preconditions: the triple-P-approximation.
Undertaking socially responsible is about finding the balance between people, planet and profit. This balance often affords better results for the company and the society (source: Wikipedia).

Company training sailing teambuilding Company trip Company trainingundertaking durably and socially responsible

More organizations are consciously engaged in the development of their people, so more capacity arises for the individual employee.

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Undermentioned are some examples of company trainings:
Change management and personal leadership
Stress reduction and time management
Mindfulness trainings in case of burn-out,  reorganization and sickness absence
Mindful leadership for managers
NLP Neuro linguistic programming
Sales training, communication
Project evaluations

Process: a for-call with the directorate or manager about the amount of participants, method and evaluation is necessary. The vision of the directorate on the desired results will be discussed. This vision will be addressed to during the team training. The desire of the organization to develop and to change itself is of crucial importance.

A few trainers:
Your own trainer
Of course it’s possible to bring your own trainers.

Ben Tiggelaar (among others the author of: Dreams, dare, do)
Ben examines the foundations of human behavior, the essence of leadership, change, performance improvement, entrepreneurship, and development.

Alberdina Turkstra
Alberdina helps teams to create eye for qualities and experiences.  
To discover, to play with and to use your talents. Use your talents for yourself and your team so that others can take advantage of them as well. During this journey you will get sufficient experiences and understanding to operate from your own qualities in your team.
Key words: speed, draft and result

Frank Eijkelkamp en Juliette Reniers:
What is the meaning of mindfulness to your organization?
Mindfulness is a proven technique which teaches you how to handle the challenges we encounter regarding our work. This technique focuses on how to develop a non-reactive attitude. The autopilot inside of us is much more often attendant then we think. Because of the training and attention you will learn how to stop the autopilot and you will learn how to look at a situation clearly. It is a systematic approach to develop new ways of control and wisdom, based on our own capability of relaxing, attention, awareness, and insight.

Team incentive
Ship arrangements offers all the possibilities for your relation and/or colleagues.

Take your relations and/or colleagues out to go on a sailing trip to network and to strengthen contacts. This will be in combination with presentations and/or training about, for example, “change management and personal leadership” and your relations and/or colleagues will be pleasantly surprised!

On a sailing boat you will have a lot of time to get to know each other and to exchange ideas in a special atmosphere.

Besides this you can do more, for example:
Survival, coast rafting, wad canoeing, power kiting, blokarting, whitewater canoeing, to attend a art workshop, cooking workshop, GPS experiential tour (with a few ships on the Wad, to navigate on the Wad), skûtsje sailing, barge sailing, canoeing on the Frisian lakes.

The ships can be provided with, among others, a beamer, internet connection, etc.

Aks us about all the possibilities.
We will be happy to inform you.

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During the whole year we offer different interesting, individual arrangements.
We also organize school trips.

Make sure you give us your e-mail address so that we can contact you and keep you updated on our last minute actions.

Spiritual sailing trips
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We supply custom organized business and group arrangements, for example a matching location for company trainings and/or workshops.

Are you looking for a bed & breakfast, full pension or an all inclusive hotel for a group? Have a look at:

The sensation of sailing
Every sailor knows the feeling of freedom when he‘s on the sea. That feeling is not different on our chartered ships, it’s even better.
By the authentic model, de size of the ship and the wood, you get the sensation of sailing, but besides that, also the feeling of being a traveller as on the classic ships, which were sailing around the world for ages.
It’s that feeling of freedom, going ahead on the wind…
Lying on the sundeck or sitting on the deck at the back of the ship, you‘re crossing the coastline slowly, the feeling of infinity, the feeling of not knowing where to go, the sound of the sails, the solidness of the ship, the waves which come and go, the beauty of the coast and the infinity of the sea, creates that ultimate feeling of freedom…

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