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Sailingtrips Holland, part of Scheeps- arrangementen offers group sailingtrips and schooltrips on board of traditional sailing ships and party boats

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Original location and inspiring setting…
Are you looking for a beautiful, original, unique and mostly inspiring setting for a company training, teambuilding, networking meeting, assembly, workshop, product presentation or a brainstorming session?

We have the disposal of the best hotel- and sailing ships in the Netherlands.

Contact us and ask for all the possibilities.


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Sailingtrips for groups

Family and friends celebration
Do you have something to celebrate with your family or friends? But you all live far away from each other? It would be fun to rent a ship together.
We can organize theme parties and a delightful catering.

Join events like Oerol, Brandarisrace or another sailingrace.

Clubs can also approach us for a party, sport event, trip, etc.

School trips
Under mentioned is an example of a school trip.
You can also fill out your own week program.

School trip to Terschelling (upward of the age of 12) provided  by “Nice Weather”
We really love to be able to do something to children and students. Also we think it’s very important to do so. Therefore we offer appropriate activities for every age upward of the age of 12, in consultation with you. It’s unique for student groups that NiceWeather offers the opportunity to start the experiences at the school. This means there will be a preparatory theory lesson, after which the real experience on the island starts. This is very motivating for everybody who is involved with the experience. Of course we plan the program together with the school leadership and the parents. The opportunities are legion, like droppings, building sand castles, youth survivals, scavenger hunts, raft building, canoeing, coast rafting, midget golf, etc.

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Ask us about all the possibilities.
We will be happy to inform you!

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Sailing and cycling Coast route Zuiderzee

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Lake IJssel Route

Sail and cycling
Waddensea, island hopping route

Sailing weekend

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Island hopping tour

During the whole year we offer different interesting, individual arrangements.
We also organize school trips.

Make sure you give us your e-mail address so that we can contact you and keep you updated on our last minute actions.

Spiritual sailing trips
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We supply custom organized business and group arrangements, for example a matching location for company trainings and/or workshops.

Are you looking for a bed & breakfast, full pension or an all inclusive hotel for a group? Have a look at:

The sensation of sailing
Every sailor knows the feeling of freedom when he‘s on the sea. That feeling is not different on our chartered ships, it’s even better.
By the authentic model, de size of the ship and the wood, you get the sensation of sailing, but besides that, also the feeling of being a traveller as on the classic ships, which were sailing around the world for ages.
It’s that feeling of freedom, going ahead on the wind…
Lying on the sundeck or sitting on the deck at the back of the ship, you‘re crossing the coastline slowly, the feeling of infinity, the feeling of not knowing where to go, the sound of the sails, the solidness of the ship, the waves which come and go, the beauty of the coast and the infinity of the sea, creates that ultimate feeling of freedom…

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